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Mother, I'm here

Mother, I’m Here                                                                    – by Darren Korb

“I set my sail
fly the wind it will take me
back to my home, sweet home

Lie on my back
clouds are making way for me
I’m coming home, sweet home

I see your star you left it burning for me
Mother, I’m here

Eyes open wide
feel your heart and it’s glowing
I’m welcome home, sweet home

I take your hand
now you’ll never be lonely
not when I’m home, sweet home

I see your star, you left it burning for me
Mother, I’m here”


type of rest I need

“And then I felt sad because I realized that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t ever be fixed, and this is something nobody ever tells you when you are young and it never fails to surprise you as you grow older, as you see the people in your life break one by one. You wonder when your turn is going to be, or if it’s already happened.”                      ~Douglas C. "Life after God"

“The interesting thing about grief, I think, is that it is its own size. It is not the size of you. It is its own size. And grief comes to you. You know what I mean? I’ve always liked that phrase “He was visited by grief,” because that’s really what it is. Grief is its own thing. It’s not like it’s in me and I’m going to deal with it. It’s a thing, and you have to be okay with its presence. If you try to ignore it, it will be like a wolf at your door.”
~Stephen Colbert