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Stronger weakness

You made me stronger,
but you were my first weakness.


No matter how many times I've been done wrong, 
I'll continue to be faithful, honest, & loving;
sooner or later someone will appreciate it.

Either moment

The first person who is on your mind
the moment you open your eyes 
after a very long sleep is the reason either of your 
happiness or pain. 
And most of the time, both.


When you're at the top, remember what if felt like at the bottom. 
When you're at the bottom, remember what it felt like at the top.  
Good doesn't last forever. Neither does bad.

Tests in life

Two of the hardest tests in life: The patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to accept that you've waited for nothing.

You know what sucks? When everything you believed in is proven wrong in a single moment.



Why isn't eleven pronounced onety one?


does he know
how he
affects me?

Builder Hardbeat Market(The Original Sound Machine)
from Techndome 13

Right Mind

"I'm not in my left mind"

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We Are Not What We Say We Are by Versa

Show Appreciation

"Open your eyes to do wonderful things surrounding your life. 
Is there something you took for granted? 
It's never too late to show appreciation."

Not smart

"I'm not all that smart, 
but I've been around a really long time, 
and I have a really good memory."

Slowhouse 01-A1

looking out of my heart


How why

Why does my heart hurt so badly? He's just a guy.


if someone says don't judge me to a person, than isn't that person judging the person judging them?