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first time

I give "people" the benefit of the doubt. I don't judge too quickly.  I let them be themselves...which eventually I find out they were "only trying to impress" and begin to be more themselves as time goes along.  Some good qualities and some bad. Not everyone is perfect.  At least not the "perfect" kind of way anyone wants them to be.  They can't be what you really want them to be.  Maybe they'll change on their own. 

Well that's what I think anyway.

Anger and disappoint comes from seeing and wanting a person to be what you picture in your own mind and not seeing them for what they really are.  You can't mold a person into your own "way" especially when they are adults.  Life turns people a certain way and that is the mystery of everyone.  Mystery we have to let unfold on it's own and accept it or not.



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